The GridCrowd MicroGrant Program is designed to provide seed funding to organizations meeting, and aligning with our mission. Please review the brief outline of our process below, so you can become familiar with the information and questions that are present on the MicroGrant Application. Section 4 – Application Questions, are the real questions on our official application. Knowing your answers to these questions prior to completing the application will help to save you time.

GridCrowd awards grants semi-annually, and applications are due May 1st, and October 1st each year. Grantees will be notified within 60 days of each date if they have been awarded a micro-grant. All applications are held for 1 year, you do not need to apply for each due date. A new application is required if your organization is not selected within 1 year.

I. Introduction

A. Explanation of the micro-grant program and its goals
B. Overview of the application process and selection criteria
C. Information about required documents and deadlines

II. Project Information

A. Project Title
B. Project Description (including goals, objectives, and expected outcomes)
C. Project Budget (including a breakdown of expenses and any matching funds)
D. Project Timeline (including start and end dates)

III. Organization Information

A. Organization Name
B. Contact Information (including name, title, email, and phone number)
C. Description of the organization (including history, mission, and goals)
D. Information about the organization’s experience and capacity to carry out the project

IV. Application Questions

A. How does your project align with the goals of the micro-grant program?
B. What makes your project unique and innovative?
C. How will the project benefit the community and contribute to the organization’s mission?
D. What are the risks associated with the project and how will you address them?
E. How will you measure the success of the project?
F. How will the project be sustained after the micro-grant funding has ended?

V. Supporting Documents

A. Project Budget (including a detailed breakdown of expenses)
B. Project Timeline
C. Resumes or CVs of key personnel
D. Letters of support or endorsement from partners or stakeholders
E. Any other relevant documents (such as plans for fundraising or marketing)

VI. Submission and Review Process

A. Explanation of how to submit the application
B. Information about the review process (including the timeline and criteria used to evaluate applications)
C. Notification of the decision and instructions for next steps